The Story

We at Aber app aspire to provide fast partial transportation solutions for individuals on highways, roads and public facilities in order to achieve the goals of the Saudi Arabia 2030 vision for transportation and sustainability. Our vision is to revolutionize public transportation options throughout Saudi Arabia and serve all sections of society, which we believe can be achieved through covering the entirety of Saudi Arabia to meet the needs of society in regards of transportation fairly. Moreover, we aspire to work in collaboration with the government, institutions, authorities, municipalities, and private companies to provide partial means of transportation. That is because our vision aligns with the Saudi Arabia 2030 vision which aims to improve the high-quality lifestyle that achieves prosperity by providing transportation services that contribute to the development of the economic, traffic, urban, and social structures, extend the life expectancy of motorways, and improve performance on them. We aspire to provide innovative solutions to the transportation problems facing our society by creating a system that supports efficient, low-cost, and diverse transportation that reduces traffic jams and parking congestion and improves transportation in major cities and lively and densely populated metropolitan areas. In order to fully fulfill our vision, we seek to form partnerships with the private sector which helps us achieve your institutional vision in transforming urban spaces into sustainable, healthy, and prosperous urban projects, all for a brighter future.

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